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Dr Abhishekh Tripathi

Weak Heart With Strong Will Power

By : Dr. Abhisheka Tripathi

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Dr. Ankit Mehta

A Leaking Lung...

By : Dr. Ankit Mehta

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 Dr. Arvind Sharma

Doctor diagnosed me virtually and healed from distance - Tele-Neurology works !!!

By : Dr. Arvind Sharma

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Dr. Daria Singh

It is never too late to mend - especially when it's your Hip

By : Dr. Daria Singh

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Dr. Jaykumar Mehta

The Motherhood Factor

By : Dr. Jaykumar Mehta

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Dr. Lav Selarka

Story of a Child

By : Dr. Lav Selarka

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Dr. Nahush Tahiliani

You have to believe you can fight it’

By : Dr. Nahush Tahiliani

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Dr. Nidhi Jain

Rare blood cancer successfully treated with immunotherapy

By : Dr. Nidhi Jain

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Dr Raghuvir Solanki and Dr Jatin Bhojani

Plastic Surgery – a Boon for Cancer..

By : Dr Raghuvir Solanki and Dr Jatin Bhojani

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Dr. Sandeep Agarwala

ECMO-Game changer/ Life-saver

By : Dr. Sandeep Agarwala

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Dr. Sandeep Jain


By : Dr. Sandeep Jain

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Dr. Yatin Desai

Back on his Feet

By : Dr. Yatin Desai

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Dr. R C Damani

Patient Physician Communication

By : Dr. R C Damani

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Dr. Mrugank Bhavsar

The Golden Second. A Life Saver.

By : Dr. Mrugank Bhavsar

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