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These are surgeries being performed on your stomach and intestines to restric your diet and to bypass your calories to loose weight and get rid of metabolic syndromes like diabetes,dyslipidemia, hypertention etc.

Yes. They are safe. They are done with laparoscopy so less painful, earlyrecovery and early discharge from the hospital. Patient can mobile on the day of surgery and can resume work/office in a week.

Diet and exercise together can help you loose 10-15% of your excess body weight. And you have to maintain the schedule to have sustained effects. Weight regains are the main problems associated with these methods. These methods are useful for over weight persons rather than obese persons.

Bariatric surgeries will help you to loose 60-80% of your excess body weight depends on types of surgeries being done. Bariatric surgeries will ensure you sustained weight reduction for 10-15 years .

Along with weight surgeries will help you to cure/control your comorbidites like type 2 dm, hypertention, dyslipidemia etc.

Studies have proven that these surgeries may cure diabetes, helps to control it properly, reduces doses of insulin, helps to get rid of insulins, reduce numbers of medication required to control diabetes.

It helps to control hypertension and dysplipidemia

BMI 40 or more with or without comorbidities

BMI 35 or more with comorbidites

BMI 32 or more with comorbidities like , ht

BMI 27.5 or more with uncontrolled dm (hba1c more than 7)

BMI 30 or more with waist circumference more than 80 in females and more than 90cm in males

Iteam of bariatric surgeon, physician, dieticians, physiotherapist to address the whole obesity and obesity related diseases

Most advanced laminar flow operation theatres

Most advanced high defination laparoscopy systems

Full time availability of dedicated anethesiologist and intensivists

Most advanced ICU set ups

Excellent nursing care

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