Patient Physician Communication == The golden key

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Dr. R C Damani

Health Care refers to the organized provision of Medical Care concerned with the maintenance,restoration and improvement of health of Body and Mind.

The fundamental purpose of Health Care is to provide quality life by Enhancing Health

Excellent and Effective Communication is very pivotal in the process delivering Health Care.

Apart from Clinical Care competence,for inter-personal care, the Physician would require skills like Communication, Compassion, Empathy, Integrity, Respect whereby building an honest trustful relationship with the patient.
What and How the Physician communicates may either have a Placebo effect or a Nocebo effect.

“The advent of Science in Medicine has Subordinated the Art of Medicine “

In most of the medical schools,lot more time is devoted in teaching courses on advances in science and technology whereby Education of Effective Communication Skills remains Wanted.

Although not intuitive,Excellent Communication is a Learned skill that can be Cultivated and Achieved with practice, as any other discipline in Medicine. The Physician needs to Polish this skill as a life long experience.

The Physician should and Must be an Avid Listener and spend Time with patient == this is The GOLD STANDARD for Effective Communication.

"That Extra Minute Works Wonders that NO Pill can Do.”

Patient Centric Communication is a very handy tool to foster healing relationship.

Patient Centered Communication helps build an understanding that bridges the Gap of Trust between the Patient and the Physician. This Communication comprises of both Verbal as well as Non-Verbal.

Medical Practice has had to Evolve and adapt rapidly to the new requirements in the present scenario of Covid 19.

Tele Medicine , slowly evolved over the years has rapidly become a reality practice to deliver effective clinical care with the aid of telecommunication technologies in view of Covid 19 pandemic.


Physician behaviour can be regarded as important as clinical skill as it would help generate patient’s first perception about Physician’s competence.

Emanuel and Dubler have suggested that the Ideal Patient Physician relationship includes 6 C ‘ s

(no) Conflict of interest
Even the ancient Indian literature elaborates the qualities which a Healer should adorn :

SAIYAM= Self Control & discipline
SADACHAAR = Virtues & Morality
SNEH = Compassion
SEWA == Service

Patient Physician communication should be an essential Life long Skill for every Physician. Effective communication yields many positive medical outcomes.

Mastering good communication skills can be one of the most plausible personal Asset enabling any physician to embrace the satisfying experience of imparting Smile on the Sick Face.

Communication needs to be Precise,Thoughtful and Positively Impactful and should never ever equate to “ Curse of Careless Lips “

Medicine is an Art whose magic and creative ability have long been recognized as residing in the inter personal aspect of Patient Physician Relationship.

Effective Patient Communication is the HEART and ART of Medicine.

"The patient will never care how much you know, untill they know how much you Care”

“ Terry Canale “

Dr. R C Damani


Honorary Consultant Physician & Cardiologist to H.E Governor of Gujarat