Weak Heart with Strong Will Power

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Dr. Abhisheka Tripathi

A young farmer 40yrs from a village near Gandhinagar had sudden shortness of breath and chest pain, was taken to a nearby hospital where he was diagnosed as extensive heart attack with a weak heart. His condition worsened in few hours and was put on ventilator. Since he was not improving he was transferred to zydus hospital on third day. We received patient with frank heart failure on ventilator. His further workup revealed that a larger part of his heart is dead due to heart attack and heart pumping was only 04% (EVF 4%). Patient and his family were shocked and extremely distressed about his heart condition regarding which they were counselled in detail and reassured.

We managed the patient with optimum treatment. As he neared the discharge date his heart pumping was 10-15%. Patient diligently followed all our advices regarding medications, weight monitoring, fluid and salt restriction, exercise and diet. In the first follow up itself he came walking and in full confidence – the will to recover & be normal was visible from his face. Family was also confident, relaxed and supportive.

Now he is in my follow up for 5 years. His heart pumping is 25-30%. He walks 5 km per day. Does all his farming work himself.

He has a weak heart but his will is strong as iron.

Dr. Abhisheka Tripathi

MD, DNB Cardiology, FESC, FSCAI

Sr Interventional Cardiologist