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For Failed multiple surgeries elsewhere we made her walk again

  • A female 53 years residing at Dar es salam,Tanzania, had broken thigh bone following road traffic accident and was operated multiple times and she presented with infection and her broken bone was not joined.
  • After investigations and X rays her treatment was planed in stages.
  • First stage removal of implants,pus,dead tissue,bones and broken bone fixed with outside implants.( External fixator. )
  • Second stage once infection controlled,removal of external implants,Fibula and bone graft and fixation with plate and screws.
  • After 6 months her infection was under control,broken bone joined and she started walking again.
Multiple Surgeries

- Dr. Yatin Desai

Sr. Consultant & HOD – Department of Orthopedics & Trauma Zydus Hospitals

Also a passionate traveler, photographer & a poet