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Story of a teacher who never wanted to attend his class again with artificial limb after highway accident.

A 34 year teacher sustained Road traffic accident and crush injury(open fracture left tibia with vascular injury) was initially treated at surat with external fixator and was advised for amputation(cutting of leg) on 3rd day following injury. Somehow he came to know our name and consulted ZYDUS HOSPITAL on 4th day of his surgery.

He underwent debridement and special dressings on 3rd day of admission and after repeated cleaning of wound and removal of dead bone.Once wound improved, he was operated for special plastic surgery, transfer of live bone with microvascular surgery, bone graft and plate fixation. He started walking with walker after 6 month of surgery.

Abstract : A young teacher following crush injury was brought to us with infected open fracture operated elsewhere with external fixator who was advised amputation and he wanted to save his limb and we wanted to save his limb. It was challenging situation to treat this case as it required team effort orthopedic surgeon, plastic surgeon, vascular surgeon and ICU consultants. At ZYDUS HOSPITAL our team treated this young teacher with multiple surgeries and fulfill his aim to get back teaching with his own limb rather than a prosthesis.

Dr. Yatin Desai

Sr. Consultant & HOD – Department of Orthopedics & Trauma Zydus Hospitals

Also a passionate traveler, photographer & a poet