A School Boy With Recurrent Bone Tumour In Thigh

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A school boy from bavla age 8 years presented at ZYDUS hospital with pain in right thigh and hip following playing cricket. On X ray child had fracture right upper femur bone where there was a large bony tumour. He was operated for this bony tumour in 2015 elsewhere with scrapping of tumour and titanium nails fixation.

Challenges before us

  • Titanium nails were inside femur bone and its ends were buried in bone, so removal of it was difficult
  • Bony tumour was enlarged considerably so scrapping would leave huge gap in bone
  • how to fill the large defect ? In a growing child bone where standard modalities of bone graft would not work
  • Fracture lines were extending from upper femur to mid femur bone. Fixation of this fracture with large tumour in child was challenging

Solutions by us

We had operated with removal of titanium nails,scrapping of tumour(removal of tumour tissue),biopsy, fibula(leg bone) bone graft from both leg to fill the defect and plate fixation During his last followup after 9 month of surgery his fracture was united, the tumour defect was filled with bone graft and no pain. He was walking normally attending school and was playing in some lite games. The child and parents were happy with the results.

Dr. Yatin Desai

Sr. Consultant & HOD – Department of Orthopedics & Trauma Zydus Hospitals

Also a passionate traveler, photographer & a poet