Dr. Sejal Shah

Doctors / Zydus Hospitals Ahmedabad
Institution Name
B.J. Medical College Gujarat University
N.H.L. Medical College Gujarat University
N.H.L. Medical College Gujarat University

Working Experience
  • 3 years residentship in ophthalmology at C.H.Nagri Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad
  • 6 months fellowship in extra capsular cataract extraction at Shantaben Vishimbhai Patel Lions Karnavati Eye Hospital, Oghnaj where I performed more than 200 surgeries on different types of cataracts
  • 4 months Aleon Phaco fellow ship & 4 months general ophthalmology fellowship at l3onibay City) Eye Institute, Mumbai. Performed phaco surgeries on hard cataract, soft cataract, posterior polar cataract and extra capsular cataract extraction. Also assisted LASIK.
  • Performed perimetry, corneal topography. 1CG & assisted retinal detachment surgery, vitrectomy, penetrating keratoplasty. squint surgeries etc.
  • I was visiting consultant ophthalmologist at Krishna heart institute & sterling hospital of Ahmadabad
  • Running private hospital successfully since last 15 years
  • Worked at Apollo city centre, Scientific Diagnostic Centre as visiting consultant for one year
  • Giving services at Juna Madhuptira Trust since last 13 years
  • Successfully worked as a consultant ophthalmologist at Pukhraj Hospital Sabarmati for 2 years

Residency Programme
  • Three years residentship in Ophthalmology department, C.H. Nagri Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad under the guidance of Dr. M.K.Shah M.S.)
  • Responsibilities & Work performed as a resident :
    History taking, slit lamp examinations, fundus examinations, post mydriatic tests, squint examinations, contact lens measurement, IOL power calculation, cataract, glaucoma surgeries, squint, DCR, Oculoplasty surgeries performed and assisted. Besides that attending all emergency calls, post'operative care of patients, ward calls & participating in weekly case conferences and discussions.
  • Surgical experience :
    During my 15 years of private practice i did more than 600 cataract surgeries which includes all type of cataract with phaco ECCE,SICS with different type of IOL
    I also have good exposure of surgeries like pterygium excision,chalazion excision,emergency conjunctival and corneal suturing, antiglaucoma surgeries and many more
    1 have good experience of LASIK surgeries
    Also did nice work in yag laser capsulotomy and iridotomy

Research Work
  • During the residentship at the C.H.Nagri Eye Hospital, dissertation was done on the Subject Topographical Analysis Of Corneal Astigmatism Following Phaco & Conventional Cataract Extraction under the guidance of Dr.Manjariben K Shah & Dr.D.C.Talsania
  • Paper presentation at All India Ophthalmology Conference 2000 held at Chennai on Topographical Analysis Of Corneal Astigmatism Following Phaco & Conventional Cataract Extraction
  • Participated in all the seminars during Phaco fellowship at Bombay City Eye institute, Mumbai for 8 months