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It is never too late to mend - especially when it's your Hip

Mr. James Mbatia, honourable member of the parliament, Tanzania, met us in our outreach international OPD in Dar 2015. Following a childhood injury of his left hip, the growth of his left leg slowed down resulting into its shortening and a limp. Years later he started having pain in his left hip, which he tolerated for around 5 to 6 years. This pain was moderately severe and yet interfered with his daily schedule and increased progressively.

His self esteem also took a hit because of limp, pain and inability to fulfill his work commitments. He wanted to get rid of pain and limp completely and urgently but was not sure that he could achieve these goals by recommended surgical treatment (Total Hip Replacement, THR). Being young, only 48 years of age, he was worried about restrictions imposed post THR on his routine activities and also longevity of THR prosthesis.

But our good counselling allayed his concerns and we planned for High Performance Hip Replacement. Fortunately, HPHR does not restrict routine activities of a patient and is expected to last long. Post THR, Mr. Mbatia was back on his feet, this time without pain, limp and short leg. He was then a new person beaming with confidence. He is happy to the extent that he spoke at least for 10 minutes for our team and Zydus in parliament of Tanzania during a discussion on, “Health and diseases - A way forward”. He got his life back and we found a good friend, thanks to a predictable and highly dependable High Performance Total Hip Replacement at Zydus.

Consultant - Joint Replacement Expert

- Dr. Daria Singh

Consultant - Joint Replacement Expert