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Vision & Mission Statement

Founder Chairman - Zydus Hospitals

Chairman of Zydus Hospital

Pankaj Patel

Vision Statement:

To be a leading provider in healthcare service delivery to the community. We shall achieve 1500 beds under our management by the year 2022 and become a most preferred destination for comprehensive medical care and treatment.

Mission Statement:

To provide world standard healthcare solutions to the community by leveraging advances in medical research science and technology and adoption of best management practices.

Our Core Values:

We, the members of the Zydus Hospitals, hold the following values to be the foundation of our identity. We shall endeavour to think and act at all times in accordance with these values.

  • Patient Centric

    We are Patient Centric. We put the needs of the patient first in all our actions.

  • Committed To Deliver

    We give our best in all that we undertake and are committed to deliver on time.

  • Humble

    We remain modest and humble in our achievements. Our work speaks for itself.

  • Value-Driven

    We seek value and maximize our gains by using our resources judiciously.