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Neuro Sciences

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Neurological diseases are on a constant rise owing to our sedentary Lifestyle, General lethargy & ignorance towards our health issues. Social stigma and inadequate infrastructure are also important factors which play a role in delayed diagnosis of Neurological disorders. Zydus Hospitals Ahmedabad Department of Neurosciences aims at providing complete Neurological care / services to patients.

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Modern Neurosurgery is the medical fraternity dealing with Brain, Spine, Spinal Cord and peripheral nerves. With the advancements in operating microscopes, neurosurgeons perform complex brain surgeries which were unthinkable a while ago, approx 8-10 yrs back the technology was not so well developed as to handle complex neurosurgical intervention.

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stands for Transcranial Doppler. It is a form of ultrasonography and is used in the diagnosis of Stroke along with the CT Scanner, MRI and MRA.

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