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Investigation Services & Equipments

C T SCANNER(Computer Tomography Scanner)

256 Slice Dual Energy Scanner (GE, USA)

  • ASIA’s FIRST INSTALLATION (DOC:March 2015) with Gemstone Spectral Imaging Technology
  • Fastest Scanner of its kind available in the subcontinent
  • Low Radiation exposure & Quicker 3 D Reconstruction
  • Only 1 CT exposure to determine iodine-based, fat-based & water-based images making it easy for the radiologists to elements of the tumor
  • Zero artifact Imagery for post OP Orthopedic cases
  • Accurate detection of Renal Stones with composition
MRI(Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

3.0 Tesla, 32 Channel Silent MRI (GE, USA)

  • Reduced scanning time up to 30% (for specific scans)
  • Contrast Free Imaging
  • 4 Image Contrast from single acquisition
  • Easy Detection of Micro Bleeds

First MRI in Gujarat (DOC:May 2015) with DV 25 upgradation which help us to achieve the following :

  • Whole Body Silent Scan ( Considerable reduction of sound in MRI Whole body Scan, It will reduce to 80dB instead of 120 dB).
  • Silent Diffusion and Cube double inversion recovery for detecting multiple sclerosis, any white matter diseases in
    Neuro imaging.
  • MAVRIC SLT1 for implant artifacts reduction.
  • Propeller Suite.
  • TURBO LAVA for abdomen imaging.
  • TURBO BRAVO for breast Imaging.
  • Considerable reduction in time for MSK imaging.
Cath Labs
  • Advanced Philips Allura - Clarity catherization labs (16 bit : 10 inch detector - Cardiology & 20 inch detector - Neurology)
  • Boston Scientific IVUS-Intravascular Ultrasound System
  • Cordis EP Study system with RF Ablator & Simulator
  • TAVI - Trans Aortic Valve Implantation now possible in Cath lab
  • Reduced Radiation Dosage
BMD (Bone Marrow Densitometry) Machine
  • Dual Energy Vertebral Assessment
  • Advanced Hip Assessment
  • Total Body Composition

Advanced diagnostics for Oncology assessment available

Laboratory Services

High-end Laboratory Equipments ensure quick turn-around times, investigations are now reported with greater efficacy and reduced time 50%.

  • HL- 7 Complaint Pathology Services - Quick, Reliable & Automated Real Time delivery
  • Labs are equipped with most modern equipments like Vitros Dry Bio Chemistry Analyser
  • Laboratory environment & planning matches, international standards