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Health Checkup Packages Ahmedabad

Head and Neck Cancer

Head & Neck is a group of cancers that starts within the mouth, nose, throat, larynx, sinuses, or salivary glands. About 80% of head and neck cancer is due to the use of alcohol or tobacco.

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Health Checkup Packages Ahmedabad

Gastro Intestinal Cancer

It is a term for the group of cancers that affect the digestive system. This includes cancers of the oesophagus, gallbladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine, bowel, and anus.

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Health Checkup Packages Ahmedabad

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow and multiply abnormally. This can happen if the genes in a cell that control cell growth no longer work properly.

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Health Checkup Packages Ahmedabad

Reconstructive Cancer

As a part of Cancer treatment, many times a body part is removed which may affect that organs’ function as well as appearance drastically.                    

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Health Checkup Packages Ahmedabad

Breast Reconstruction

Women who have surgery to treat their breast cancer may choose breast reconstruction surgery to rebuild the shape and look of the breast.                    

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Health Checkup Packages Ahmedabad


Cancer that has spread to the peritoneum (lining of the abdominal cavity containing the liver, the stomach and the intestines) is called peritoneal cancer.

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Oncology-Medical & Surgical

Full Field Digital Mammography System

Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad has an advanced Digital Mammography System for Breast Cancer screening, The benefits of digital mammography are at many levels:

  • Quick and Easy procedure
  • Reduced discomfort to the patient
  • Lower radiation dosage
  • Better accuracy, particularly in the age group 40 - 50 years
  • All images are archived and stored digitally, hence no loss or damage of films
  • Since it is digital, it can be sent electronically to other centre’s for another opinion
  • Storing digitally creates an enormous database, which is useful to teach and train the younger generation

The unit is very well equipped with ultra-modern gadgets. Hospital has one of the best PFT labs, bronchoscopy units (Paediatric & Adult) in the country.

Treatments Offered

Zydus Hospital’s department of Oncology offers Cancer Detection, Counselling and in-total disease management. We have been performing chemotherapy with both conventional and newer, globally accepted protocols of chemotherapy.

Complex tumour excision surgeries are routinely performed at Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad. We have a team of highly skilled, well trained and experienced team of Surgical Oncologists supported by an extensively trained & skilled operating theatre and post-op intensive care staff, In totality we ensure that the success rate of Oncology surgeries is comparable with that of the best hospitals globally.

Zydus Hospital, Ahmedabad’s Histopathology and Cytology division examines the tissues and fluids removed from the patient’s affected organ during the surgical procedure. After a series of complicated processing by automated machines and using special staining procedures, a study enables the pathologists to arrive at the diagnosis and plan the treatment.

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System is the next frontier for minimally invasive surgery. Highly-magnified 3D HD Vision ensures that surgeons can see the surgical site with true depth perception and crystal-clear vision. Wristed instruments bend and rotate far beyond the human hand. Tremor filtration technology allows the surgeon to operate with steady, natural motion. Whether it is the first or last case of the day, the ergonomically-adjustable surgeon console makes performing surgery with the da Vinci Xi Surgical System feel comfortable and natural. The da Vinci Xi Surgical System can be used for Urological surgeries and Onco - surgeries.