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Nephrology offers a variety of options for those afflicted by kidney diseases. The consultants bring with them excellence born out of training and experience from some of the best institutions in India. They practice evidence base medicine and follow nationally and internationally accepted treatment protocols. The department is backed up by full time nephrologist and state of the art equipment.

Service Available

  • Hemodialysis: 06 machines for hemodialysis, out of them 2 remains for ICU and CCU
  • Peritoneal dialysis: Counselling, patient acceptance, options for manual or automated peritoneal dialysis and training for the same are provide with help of a special team.
  • Kidney biopsy: Performed by nephrologists and reported by histopathologist, in close conjunction with nephrologists so as to achieve best diagnosis through best clinical and pathological correlation.
  • Vascular access: Patients opting for long term hemodialysis are evaluated for their vascular access, and if having problem, evaluated by a special team of vascular access specialist. This includes a nephrologists, vascular surgeon, Urologist and interventional radiologist.
  • Interventional nephrology: Its a new and upcoming sub-specialty of nephrology and works towards access for dialysis, AV fistula surveillance, interventions to salvage AV fistula, tackling central venous stenosis, creating vascular accesses in patients with multiple levels of venous stenosis, diagnostic ultrasonography etc.
  • Treatment for acute renal failure and chronic renal failure
  • Management of acute and chronic nephritis, nephrotic syndrome
  • Management of reno vascular hypertension and collagen vascular disorders
  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT)
  • Plasmapheresis
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